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by Bruce Lee

martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

Rascals are no longer just naughty boys

    In the old days rascals were just innocent kids who got into trouble because of some mischieves they got involved with. That would be the case of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. 


    Remember that The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the compulsory readers we have got next school year for the level of 2º Bachillerato. Here's a link to the project done by Joaquín García (Project about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)and now I present two videos about its writer Mark Twain Mr García provided us with (Thanks, Joaquín):

Mini-biography about Mark Twain

Mini cartoon documentary on Mark Twain for kids

However, nowadays sadly we see that some teenagers are no longer just naughty boys, but become real terrorists, as it happened in Barcelone some days ago. Here are some articles related to the issue:

REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>   

111. Write one question with "HOW LONG?" and give three possible answers using FOR / SINCE / AGO:

112. CONDITIONALS. Finish the following sentences appropriately:
    1. My teacher would be much better....
    2. I got all this exercise wrong. Why didn't I study it if .... ?
    3. I don't think ___________________________ if I hadn't studied.
    4. If we give Albert £1,000,000 _________________________________
    5. If my English teacher had a better car _______________________
    6. If water reaches a temperature of 100ºC _________________(BOIL)

113. Put the following sentences into INDIRECT SPEECH:
    1. David to Liz: ""You should have told this to your family"
    2. Mother to daughter: "Why haven't you waited for me at the hairdresser's?
    3. Brian to his son: "Come here and don't cry any more!"  
    4. Peter to a friend: "Do you think they may help us?"
    5. Sandy to John: "Why doesn't your sister work harder?"
    6. Arthur to Mr Steele: "I will work tomorrow and I won't be late"


Proposed solutions to exercises 108, 109 & 110 in the previous post

Ex108   >>>   
1. I will likely go to...   2. Spain will likely win....     3. They won't likely pass.

Ex109   >>>>    
1. You'd better take your coat.     2. I'd better go home.    3. I'd better go to the supermarket for some coffee.
Ex 110  >>>
1. yet, still     2. already, yet     3. already, still     4. still, already


3 comentarios:

  1. At the moment there are many naughty children, that the parents do not know how to educate and when they grow only they get in problems for pleasure. But this is due to a bad education in their homes or because the parents pass from the child or because the child has a lot of character and it is impossible to educate him.

    In the old days children when they were little always got into trouble, especially when playing in the street and you were fighting with the neighbors to be making noises or things like that, but when you grew up, you stopped getting into something that does not currently happen.

    I believe that these children who only seek to get into trouble, they do to attract attention for lack of affection. I know a lot of people who just needed a little affection to stop being a rebellious person and start acting like an adult.

    Although if the child only seeks to get in trouble because he likes there are many places where you can take the child to be educated, for example reformatories or military centers. But for my opinion in these places they steal all children from people, so it should only be used in very extreme cases.

  2. Nowadays, there are more naughty boys than there used to be at other times. I think that one of the main reasons is that their parents have to work and don't have enough time to raise their children.

    Parents are the most responsible for the behaviour of their children. They should set a good example to them when they are kids so that they have a good education and learn to have responsibilities when they are older. If parents don't control their children, children will do whatever they want. On the contrary, parents can be all the day trying to educate their children, but they can't, they are naughty boys.

    Naughty boys usually get into trouble such as Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn. Some of them can take part in robberies, attacks to a big number of people as in the case of terrorism. Certain Moroccans become radical and participate in attentats like the one of Barcelona in which 13 persons died. All of the terrorists were young people and they had a normal life, maybe they were naughty boys.

    In conclusion, all parents must give their children a good education. They shouldn't permit them to do all they want since they can get into trouble easily, which is a big problem.

  3. Nowadays, current rascals are very different from the old ones. Some people say that children become naughty because their parents don’t give them a good education or parents don’t pay enough attention to their little children.

    However, others say that it is a problem created by our society since people spend too much time on the internet. Futhermore, most of them would rather spend time in social networks than get together with friends. Therefore, if they don't share time in society, they won’t be able to learn rules.

    And that is not all, when naughty boys get older, they might become a bad person. Indeed, there are a lot of wicked people who injure innocent people, as it happened in Barcelona some days ago. They just did it by fanaticism, actually.

    In conclusion, it is clear that bringing up children is a difficult task, but older people have to do it well with younger people if we want to have well-behaved women and men in the future. By the way, there is a proverb that says “like father like son”.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López