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viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Mass tourism can kill our cities

It is obvious that the issue of tourism in Spain has its downsides, but we must also admit all the positive sides affecting our economy and the unemployment rate. What is your opinion about the issue? It is a good opportunity when writing your comment to practise the advantages/disadvantages scheme.

Here are some related newspaper articles for you to read about the issue:

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REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>   

102. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense, either the PAST PERFECT or the SIMPLE PAST:

1. When Mary (FINISH)_________ her shopping, she (GO)________home.
2. We (TALK)__________ for more than an hour after we (INTRODUCE) __________ ourselves.
3. I (REFUSE) __________ to speak to him until he (APOLOGIZE)  __________
4. After the mechanic (FILL UP) __________ the radiator, he (CHECK) __________ the tyres.

103. Here are some answers. Write the questions:

1. _________ ? The letter's from the bank.
2. _________ ? I'm thinking about my girlfriend.
3. _________ ? The novel Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens.
4. _________ ? He comes to school everyday.
5. _________ ? Ashford is 80 miles from London.

104. COMPARATIVES. Translate into English the following sentences:

1. El no es tan estúpido como yo pensaba.
2. Mi hermano es menos alto que tú.
3. Vosotros no podéis ser más inteligentes que yo, porque yo soy el mejor.
4. Ella está más gorda que su hermana.
5. Yo soy más feo que ella porque ella es la mujer más guapa que yo jamás haya visto.

Proposed solutions to exercises 99, 100 & 101 in the previous post

Ex99   >>>  1. she would be    2. If you work   3.  I would buy   4. if you lost   5 Neymar jr would have stayed ,   had paid   6. we would all be rich

Ex100   >>>>    
1. They said they had a lift, but very often it didn't work.
2. He asked who put/had put salt in his coffee.
3. The small boy said he was going fishing with his mother that afternoon.
4. The policeman asked me what she was wearing when I had seen her last.
5. Mrs Pitt said she would sit up till she came in, but that she hoped she wouldn't be late.
Ex 101  >>>
1. Mind your own business! Do you know what I mean?
2. There's still some punch left, so let's drink to the happy couple.
3. Middleford Library's staff did many extra hours. 
4. He was too shy to invite someone to dance with him.
5. The other day Bruce got angry with no reason at all /  without any reason at all.

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  1. Nowadays, Spain is one of the three most visited countries of the world. Millions of tourists come here and enjoy their holidays, either in winter, in summer, in spring or in autumn. Spain has become one of the most touristycally places to visit in the world.

    In this new post, they speak us about an issue that is happening in Barcelona and in Turkey. What is happening in these places? In Barcelona, a mass tourism is the problem, many tourists are visiting Barcelona each year and inhabitants of Barcelona are very worried about the situation because if resources wear out, it will be a big problem. This is a real problem because Barcelona is a city of 2 million inhabitants that hosted 7.5 million tourists last year. This is more than four times the local population.

    In contrast, in Turkey is happening the opposite. The country welcomed 40 million tourists last year, but millions are rethinking their plans following a major terrorist attack on Istanbul's main airport in June and Friday's deadly attempted coup. These continuous attacks and terrorism alarms are damaging the image of Turkey as a safe country.

    In my opinion, the government should take action in Barcelona with a new system of tourism which controls the amount of tourists in this city. In the case of Turkey, I think the government should guards more the airport and the city to prevent this types of attacks.

    Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  2. Tourism in Spain is an issue very important, it greatly increases in summer since visitors from others countries came to the coast of Spain to spend their holidays. There are many famous cities in which most of the tourists like going to parties such as Benidorm, Ibiza or Marbella. Tourism has advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand, there are many tourists that often get into trouble. For instance, there are some who do balconing, that is, tourists who jump from a balcony to a pool in a hotel or something like that. There are others who are drunk and molest women or families that are having a good time.

    On the other hand, tourism increased the economy of the country and decrease the unemployment. It's because the most of the tourist spend a lot of money in hotels, drinks or things to have fun. They also eat in restaurants or beach bars, that's why it is necessary to employ more persons and the unemployment descends.

    To sum up, I think tourism is positive for the country since most of the tourist don't get into trouble and they only want to have fun without causing any problem and thanks to them more young people can work to earn some money.

  3. People love travelling around the world and this causes that many countries have so many visitors. The tourism has advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantages are that the economy of the country is higher and the country has more money to get better.

    The disadvantages are that people must pay more money for the sale of their apartment or buy a house because the increase of visitors causes an increase in the price of the sale. Also, they have to put up with noise and pollution that are difficult to combine with daily life. So much tourism causes that people don´t live quietly .

    I think that the tourism is a part important for the country but so much tourism is bad for the habitants that lives in there.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1Bach

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  5. Why is Spain a preferred destination for tourism?

    The attractiveness of Spain has been envolving since the start of tourism in the country. A better and broader offering of the values in Spain is envolving the bases of tourism.

    Spain attracts millions of people every year because of our summer resorts and beaches, our festivals including the nightlife, and lately the gastonomy, hunting, winter and cutural tourism. Summarizing, tourism is the most important source of income for the spanish economy.

    But, on the other hand, there are also disadvantages that can trigger irreparable damage. Nowadays, it is well known by all that the environmental problems are one of the most relevant factors in this subject. Mass tourism causes this. The continuous construction of hotel complexes is another risk factor for the environment as they are putting an end to the natural spaces.

    Taking all this into account tourism is basically a very strong point present in our country almost 365 days a year. But, do not overlook the problems they entail. Nevertheless, this is a very positive thing for the country's economy and for its cultural wealth, as well as the conservation of historical and tourist sites in order to improve and preserve history.

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  7. Flying overseas is said to be the dream of everyone. That is why the number of tourists increases every year.

    It is an open secret that Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, some of the most important advantages of tourism in our country are: it brings in money (this is probably the main benefit and the reason why it has been promoted so much in recent years) and unemployment decreases.

    Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems, too. One of the main issues is the lack of respect of some tourists for local traditions and culture, getting drunk in public, or behaving rudely or inappropriately. One of the best known activities that tourists make is get into trouble by practising "balconing", which is really popular among tourists who are drunk and consists of jumping from a hotel's balcony into a swimming pool.

    From my point of view , the government should take action in Barcelona, whose problems are the high number of tourists, which is the opposite in Turkey, where tourism has decreased due to the terrorist attacks. I would add that as it is said in the article the answer is not to attack tourism since everyone is a tourist at some point in their life.


  8. It should be noted that in our country tourism provides great economic and social benefits, and also has the advantage of uniting families, communities and making known to the world that we are a country like any other. Tourism has its advantages and disadvantages. But every day that passes is struggling to improve, in order to assure tourists in general an excellent service and comfort making them feel at home.
    The tourism for a country has its advantages, since it creates jobs, generates economic income for the most varied work of the society since the tourist when traveling to another city uses the public transport, purchase in the supermarkets etc. also improves The infrastructure of the country, as it becomes a tourist point, it adapts to international needs - building airports, improving public transport, etc. - to supply visitors

    But on the other hand tourism has a number of disadvantages for the country, tourism is becoming a tourism of drunkenness that is massifying the cities, and many citizens are complaining because they alter their normal day when going out, since For example you go to the street and there are many people, you are going to make a route and there are many people .. exhausting in turn the local products and raising them. On the other hand also cause damages and there are many fights.
    Right now there is a radical group in Catalonia that is making demonstrations to oppose tourism, which on the other hand is one of the economic engines of Spain.

    In my opinion tourism is good because it gives a lot of money and helps the economy of the country, offering much more work and developing new technologies.
    But on the other hand I do not think that people have to endure among many other things the constant noise and pollution that tourists create, as it is difficult to combine with everyday life. At the end of the day the uncontrolled mass tourism ends up destroying the things they did to make it an attractive city for visitors.

  9. Tourism in Spain is the essence of this country especially in summer. Many foreigners from all over the world come to the coast of Spain because of its temperatures. Most young people go to cities like Ibiza or Marbella. However, gold is not that glittters and tourism has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

    One of the most frequent disadvantages is the riots and fights involving young tourists. On party nights they are drunk on the streets making noise and disturbing families who are taking walks in the city. This happened because Spain is the only country where drinking in the street is permitted. It's also one of the countries that more people suffer from ethyl commas, especially minors.

    The most important advantages of tourism is the increase in employment, from the point of view of our economy. For hotels, bars, reestaurants in summer are the days where they make more money and can hire more people. Another advantage, but less important, is the family break for their holidays, since they can travel to the site and disconnect from work.

  10. The tourism is something important in our land, spanish is a beautiful country with a lot of beaches and a lot of sites that have a lot of story to tell, the tourism have a lot of something good but for other part is something bad

    The great advantage that the tourism provides a spain is the quantity of money that are spend the tourists, this helps to have more work for the Spanish that in this time of crisis is something important.

    But for other aspects the tourism is something bad, for example the quantity of trash that the tourists throw to the floor i dont say that only the tourists soil the soil but in vacations is when more trash we see

    In my opinion the tourism is something good, but for other people is bad, i think that in vacations is a good moment for know people of others countrys

  11. People love going to different places to see different cultures and lifestyle. During the year people travels a lot to a wide variety of places but on summer people want more to travel and one of their favourite destination is Spain. We have a lot of visitors during the years but the three months of summer the visitors increase.

    Spain economy is basically of all the tourist that come all the year to a lot of different places of Spain. Valencia, Ibiza, Madrid, Alicante and Mallorca are the favourite destination for the tourist. They have good weather.

    Personally, I love travelling since I was little. I think travelling is very important because you can learn things that if you don’t travel you wouldn’t learn.