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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

Roger Federer, the most talented tennis player of all times?

Indeed he is Roger, the GR-eight, the King of Grass!! What a superb return he has made this season after winning in the Australian Open and in Wimbledon!!!

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Roger Federer stands tallest of all as Wimbledon’s history man (The Guardian)

Roger Federer, at 35, wins Wimbledon for a record eighth time (The Washington Post)

After winning 15 majors, people said...

Now that he has won 19 majors... here's

John McEnroe poem about Roger Federer Comeback 2017 

Wimbledon 2017 Federer Tennis Channel interview 


And our Spanish Queen of Grass >>>

Garbiñe Muguruza banishes nerves to write her name in Wimbledon gold (The Guardian)

Very interesting grammar point to revise: How to use 'yet' (Learners' Questions, BBC Learning English) 

Pay attention to the little difference between these two sentences:

"I haven't been to Scotland yet"     and      "I still haven't been to Scotland"


REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>   

87. TENSES. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense (the last sentences are conditionals):

1. I hope I (pass)_________________ this exam.
2. One day the tape recorder (break down) ________________ when I (listen) _______________ to the tape of the Hound of the Baskervilles.
3. I (study) ______________________ English for two hours every day this summer.
4. I always (come) ____________________ to school by  bus when it (rain) _______________.
5. The injured man couldn't walk and had (carry) ___________________ away.
6. If you (go) ________________ away, please write to me.
7. If you (be) __________________ at home when I went, I would have given you a cake.
8. If you didn't speak so loudly, I (listen) _____________________  perfectly to the radio.
9. If the exam (be) __________________ not so difficult, I would do it.

88. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of a RELATIVE CLAUSE.

1. The post is about Roger Federer's eighth title in Wimbledon.  This is the only major tennis tournament on grass.
2. I've just read an article about Roger Federer. His family was watching the Wimbledon final.
3. Have you ever been to the lake? Nessy usually swims there.
4. Queen Elisabeth II lives in Buckhingham Palace.It is just 300 metres far from Trafalgar Square.
5. The detective was questioning the men. I had been speaking with them the day before.

Solutions to exercises 85 & 86 in the previous post
Ex 85  >>>  1. heavier and heavier    2. the most famous player in the NBA  -  so good as   3. the worst
4. elder/eldest
Ex 86   >>>>   1. Stop talking and let me finish the story.   2. My girlfriend wants me to take her to the cinema.  3. I've got the same age as you. / I'm as old as you.   4. If I were you, I wouldn't go.
5. What an easy exam!  6. She is believed to work for the government / It is thought that she works for the government.

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  1. I'm going to write about Roger Federer and Garbiñe Muguruza. Both are very good tennis player, some of the best of the world.

    On the one hand, Federer was born in Basilea(Switzerland) in 1981. Now he lives in Wollerau. His personal trainers are Severin Lüthi and Ivan Ljubicic. He occupies the third position in the ranking ATP. In the previous comment I said that Rafa Nadal is the best in clay court and Roger Federer is the best on grass. Therefore Nadal wins more Roland Garros than Federer, and Federer wins more Wimbledon than Nadal. He is the eighth Wimbledon that he wins, this time against Marin Cilic(6-3,6-1,6-4). He was won only once Roland Garros, instead Nadal was won two times Wimbledon.

    On the other hand, Muguruza was born in Caracas(Venezuela) in 1993. Now she lives in Ginebra (Switzerland). His personal trainers are Sam Sumik and Conchita Martinez.She is Venezuelan but she chose to represent Spain to dispute the tilts of the WTA and to form a part of the Spanish Team of the Federation of Tennis of the ITF. She won Roland Garros in 2016 against Serena Williams. This year she win Wimbledon against Venus Williams, who is the sister of Serena Wiliiams. She has won 4 WTA and 7 ITF. Venus said before the final that she was going to ask advices to his sister but his advices didn't serve because Muguruza win Wimbledon(7-5,6-0)

    From my point of view, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, etc shouldn't be the same track. In other words, in Wimbledon should be others track, not alone tracks of grass in order to all the tennis player play in tracks that they are good and in other tracks where they aren't good.


  2. Roger Federer was born on 8 August 1981. He is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently at the third position of the world ranking in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, the most in history for a male tennis player.

    He has recently won his eighth Wimbledon title and he has become the first tennis player who has achieved it. It is clear that he is the best tennis player playing on grass since he is the player who has more titles of Wimbledon, it is similar to Rafa Nadal, who is the best player at Roland Garros, that is, he is the best in clay court. In reference to the final match at this Wimbledon, I have read that it lasted less than two hours, which is a bit fast for this type of matches since in this game play the two best of the competition.

    Garbiñe Muguruza is a Spanish professional tennis player, although she was born in Venezuela. She became professional in 2012.

    This year, he has also won Wimbledon. He defeated Venus William at the final. In the second set, Venus William couldn't make any game, it's why she lost the set 6-0. Last year, Muguruza beat the sister of Venus, Serena Williams, in the final of Roland Garros. In two years he has won at the two sisters, who are the best of women tennis player.

  3. Roger Federer, who is one of the greatest tenni´s players in history , was born on 8 August 1981 in Binningen, Switzerland. His father Robert is a Swiss national and his mother Lynette Durand was born in South Africa. This means he holds both Swiss and South African citizenship.

    Federer won the Wimbledon boys' singles and doubles titles in 1998, and he turned professional later that year.At the beginning of 2004, Federer had a world ranking of No. 2, and that same year, he won the Australian Open, the U.S. Open, the ATP Masters and he retained the Wimbledon singles title.
    He held on to his No. 1 ranking from 2004 into 2008. In July 2017, Federer set a new record, winning his eighth Wimbledon title in a 6-3,6-1,6-4 defeat of Marin Cilic. I think that Roger Federer is the best tenni´s player of all the times because of his 19 Grand Slam singles titles.

    On the other hand, Garbiñe Muguruza was born in Caracas (Venezuela),on 8 October 1993. She has a spanish father (José Antonio Muguruza) and a Venezuelan mother (Scarlet Blanco).She has two elder brothers named Asier and Igor. Muguruza moved to Spain with her family at the age of six years and she trained at the Bruguera Tennis Academy near Barcelona.

    This summer, Muguruza has won her first Wimbledon. She defeated Venus Williams at her second final of Wimbledon (7-5,6-0). Conchita Martínez and Garbiñe Muguruza are the only Spanish tenni´s players who have won Wimbledon. I hope these great tenni´s players continue to win tournaments and congratulations for their great victories this year.

    Francisco García García