Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

The moment of truth is right here!!!

Yes, the moment of truth is right here!! This third term will be really short and it is time for students to do their best, especially those in Bachillerato or those preparing for certain exams.


Now you have to be flexible and ready to work in a broader range of jobs, so you'll need a university degree, a good level of foreign languages and so many more things. Here are some articles to read about the issue before you do the listening exercise I propose you:


Listening exercise to do: Multiple careers (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 


Learn 'How I learned Spanish! My journey to fluency' with Lucy

Let's revise some Linking words of PURPOSE with this video >>>


REVISION EXERCISES included in Mock exams (1º Bach) in my site.

62. COMPARISONS. Translate the following sentences:

1. El no es tan estúpido como yo pensaba.
2. Este libro es menos pesado que el tuyo.
3. Tú no puedes ser más inteligente que yo,porque yo soy el mejor.
4. Ella es más delgada que su madre.
5. Richard Burton es más feo que Liz Taylor; ella es la mujer más guapa que yo jamás haya visto.

63. Fill the spaces with  SO  /  SUCH  /  SUCH A :

1. The evidence was ..... strong that the judge found him guilty.
2. I've been unemployed for ...... long time that I've forgotten what work is like.
3. He attends lessons ..... seldom that he hasn't learnt anything.
4. She speaks ...... quietly that it's difficult to hear what she says.
5. It was ...... bad film that I've left before the end.
6. You've made ...... many mistakes that you'll have to do the exercise again.
7. Dr Newton grows ...... large vegetables that he wins all the prizes.
8. He is ...... bore that no one listens to him.
9. It's ...... hard work.
10. You look ...... nice today!

64. Fill the spaces with  FOR  or  SINCE :

1. The police have been searching for Bruce ...... three weeks.
2. Bruce has been hiding from the police ...... the bank robbery.
3. Michael has been renting that flat ...... the beginning of the year.
4. They have been living in Applefield ...... 20 years.
5. It has been snowing ...... two days.


5 comentarios:

  1. CV is the document of presentation of skills, training and working life, in order to opt for a job.

    Today we can observe the number of people who have a high academic level, with university degrees and who have the ability to speak languages, but still, very few get a job.

    On the one hand, many people in the curriculum write things that are'nt true and that they are'nt qualified to do. Many times these people get a job earlier than the ones who are really skilled.

    On the other hand, when you choose a job, if you are a inexperienced person the boss can do with you what they want such as work 12h and don't pay you the minimum salary that there is demanded by the government.

    To conclude, when you choose a career that you want to dedicate in the future, you have to think very well and see the exits you have to know if it favor you, without forgetting the effort you have to do to get a good marks in bachiller and selectivity.

    Paola Ruiz 1º Bach A

  2. I think that this last trimester we should not try as hard as we should be prepared enough, we should have worked all previous trimester but it was not. Now we must strive twice as we must of the work we did not do. I think it's a problem that we postpone so much of our work when it really is the most efficient.

    On the other hand, in addition to postponing things, another problem with which we find ourselves today is the lack of interest in the subjects as well as the laziness to work, since the minimum effort is an impossible job.

    For me this third trimester is important because I want my marks to be very good and to be able to do things correctly, so I will take advantage of the trimester to the maximum of some of my classmates to be able to make the most profit possible of the Bachiller, that right now is one of the most important things.

    In conclusion, I think that each one should reflect on their actions and instead of leaving things for the last day, they should study day by day and although now it is an effort then we will have long term benefits.

    Ariadna Prados López 1ºBACH

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  4. We are in the third term and this is the moment when the student should give the best of them. The third term is the shortest of the year. now, each one of us must try pass all subjects for have a good summer.

    All of them must studying, doing the homework and pay attention in class every day. During this time, we go to have exams daily and we can't fail an exam because this can do lowe the average or suspend a subject.

    For me, in the third term, I hope pass all subjects because I want have a good summer. For me is very important pass all in june because I could rest all summer. Also, I will try that my average is as high as possible because the next year I want make selectivity and I want have the most possible note.

    The next year, we must work hard because second of bachillerato for me is the most difficult grade in the school and we can have exams daily and we need be prepared.

  5. To begin with, when we talk about CV we refer to the term Curriculum Vitae. It can be literally translated as course of life. It is a summary of your career history that is often the first phase in getting yourself noticed by potential employers. A recruiter will typically take just five to seven seconds to read your CV, so that it must say hire me! Here some pieces of useful advices: be impeccable with your spelling and grammar, make sure your CV is both digital and print-out, focus on using facts to describe what you do, be selective, use positive active verbs...

    On the contrary, there is a difficult question. Is one career enough nowadays? Actually, I have no idea, but I think that it would be better in the future. Getting a career it is a difficult task, so that two careers are the more. It is a good option if you want to learn new skills and this bring us more employment opportunities.

    All in all, I think that we should do our CV the best as possible because it reflects all our professional life and our future job depend on how attractive it would be. Personally, I reckon that just one career is enough to be able to get a good job. As well, we don’t have to forget the importance of have a good level of a foreign language.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 1BACH A