Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

One coffee with a dash of milk, please!

Farmers are always complaining how little they get for all the vegetables they grow. Ethical coffee is a way we have to try to compensate this. In this post you can have some vocabulary related to this issue and all about coffee.

By the way, how do refer to 'a coffee with a dash of milk' in our area?

Previous post in this blog related to coffee and some articles to read:

Do you remember what a suspended coffee was?

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  What do you usually have for breakfast? And what time do you have it? And now watch the English With Lucy video and tell me what you must do to learn English.


Here's a listening exercise to do: Ethical coffee (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


"Do a runner"  Here's an expression you can learn about in The English We Speak (BBC Learning English) What does it meaning? Have you ever behaved like that?

Lucy tells about 5 ways to improve your English daily


Some extra exercises for my students in 2º Bachillerato  >>>

A. Vocabulary (Films). Complete the sentences with the correct word :   released   -   shot   -   debut    -   critics   -   starred

1. The film was … on location in India.
2. She’s a young actress who made her film … last year.
3. The film will be … next month in cinemas worldwide.
4. She has … in several Hollywood films.
5. The film has been praised by film …

B. Phrasal Verbs:  PUT ON. What does 'put on' mean in each sentence? Choose from these:  apply   -   gain   -   switch on    -   play   -   dress oneself in

1. I put on my coat.
2. Can you put the light on, please?
3. Shall I put some music on?
4. I never eat pizza because I don’t want to put on weight.
5. Don’t forget to put on suncream if you’re going out in the sun.

C. Compound adjectives. Answer these questions:   How do you call...

1. ..... a man that looks strange?
2. ..... a young girl that has got fair hair?
3. ..... a lady that dresses badly?
4. ...... some furniture that has been made well?

D. Vocabulary. Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions:

1. If I really felt I had talent, then I should go … it.
2. I’ve decided that I will stick … my studies.
3. How do you plan to break … the business?
4. My vlog is about trying to get … TV.
5. Can I work … you, please?

E. Read about Mireia Belmonte and tell me the other two swimming styles. What is 'medley style' about?

Mireia Belmonte is a Spanish Olympic swimmer who specializes in freestyle, butterfly and medley events. She was born in 1990 and competed successfully as a junior, becoming the Junior World Champion for 400 m freestyle and 400 m individual medley in 2006. She won two silver medals at the London Olympics in 2012, and won her first Olympic Gold medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

SOLUTIONS to the B2 exercise in the previous post:  1. B   2. A    3. C    4. C     5. D    6. B    7. A  8. D   9. C   10. B   11. C  12. D   13. B   14. A   15. C   16. D  17. A   18. C   19. D   20. B

lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Bitcoins, real currency or just a fake?

Some people claim to be digital millionaires as they have millions of bitcoins, but is this a real currency?


Here's a listening exercise to do: Bitcoin: digital crypto-currency (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Related articles to be read about the issue:

Here is a good link to revise the REPORTING VERBS (Reported Speech) and a good video to watch about the issue (6 Minute English Vocabulary)

Lucy tells us about 10 girl names YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY.


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  How do you spend your pocket money?  Answer this question using the comparative of equality (AS....AS), ENOUGH & TOO in the sentences you write.  


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

1. The Sting is by ................... the best Robert Redford film I have seen.   (A  long    B   far   C  much   D   way)
2. I like England, but I wish it .................. rain quite so much.    (A  didn't    B   won't   C  hadn't   D   hasn't)
3. People who live in cities ........................ to suffer from stress more than people in the countryside.  (A  lean    B   develop   C  tend   D   use)
4. I thought I'd buy her a ..................... brown bag.     (A  shopping    B   black   C  new   D   French)
5. I didn't realize everyone was going to wear formal clothes and I felt ........................ in my jeans and jumper.   (A  insulted    B   annoyed  C  offended   D  embarrassed)
6. ..................... the papers, the Prime Minister is giving a speech on the economy tomorrow.     (A  Referring to    B   According to   C  Related to   D   Attached to)
7. He didn't want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela's ............ of the story.     (A  side    B   angle   C  aspect   D   edge)
8. I haven't heard from Pete for ages. I wish he ................ me his phone number before he left.        (A  gave      B   would give   C  would have given   D   had given)
9. The bank manager agreed to give me £200, ................... the £500 he had already lent me.   (A  extra to     B  according to   C  in addition to   D   surplus to)
10. The student who .................. in his exams was expelled from the school.     (A  tricked     B   cheated   C  deceived   D  betrayed)
11. Excuse me, do you .......................... me bringing my dog into your house?        (A  oppose    B   mind   C  object   D  complain)
12. In court, she was so upset that she broke .................... .  (A  out   B   in   C  up   D  down)
13. I wish you ................. put your clothes on the floor all the time. It drives me mad.   (A  don't    B   wouldn't   C  won't    D  would)
14. After going to several interviews, she eventually ........................ to get a job.         (A  managed    B   could   C  achieved   D   succeeded)
15. I hope you have read the contract and understand .......... it means.   (A  that    B   how   C  what   D   which)
16. He stole one of the officers' uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ........... as a guard.   (A  by    B   out   C  through   D   off)
17. Excuse me, but would you ....................... talking a little bit more quietly? We are trying to work.    (A  mind    B   care   C  object   D   rather)
18. There are still a great many people in Africa who suffer .................... malaria.   (A  of    B   with   C  from   D   by)
19. He ...................... to turn up for the football match.       (A  omitted    B   neglected   C  stopped   D   failed)
20. The young man swore that he would take ................ his father's killers.     (A  revenge in    B   revenge on   C  revenge   D   revenge at)

Solutions to VOCABULARY exercises in the previous post.

1.  1. inspector   2. loser  3. thinker   4. actor   5. sailors   6. visitors   7. murderer

2. 1. an electronical device that plays cassettes.     2. a liquid/powder which removes stains usually from clothes.   3. a machine to soften the water (descalcificador)    4. a machine that purifies the water.
5. a gadget which people use to light cigarettes    6. a machine that helps people analyse the stress through the voice    7. a dish-washer   8. a pressure-cooker   9. a paint-thinner   10. a paint-remover
11. a hair-dryer   12. a hair-restorer  (crecepelo)  13. a tin-opener   14. a carpet-sweeper   15. ant-powder  //  ant-killer    16. a cork-screw    17. a bottle-opener


  • Episode 180110 / 10 January 2018    >>>  Technology of the future on show   -  Language related to 'technology'.  Need-to-know language: robot, artificial intelligence, driverless cars & autonomous cab.

domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

Legends of the past

Nowadays we have got rivalries such as Federer-Nadal, Nadal-Djokovic, Djokovic-Murray... but not long ago we had one of the most legendary rivalries of all times in tennis and that was between Jimmy Connors, who managed to reach the semi-finals of the US Open at the age of 39, and John McEnroe, a genius with such a moody character who is remembered not only for his excellences in tennis, but also for his ill-tempered arguments with the umpires.

By the way, did you know that the chair umpires in tennis are like the referees in football?

Here are some videos about these two great players, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors:

The Legend of John McEnroe

Legends of tennis - Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors Chronicle

Duels - Connors vs McEnroe - Documentary (in French)


Jimmy Connors - Magical US Open Run of '91 


Some articles to read about the issue:


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Using the superlatives, write about the worst and best things of 2017?   

Example: Itrabo has the best wine in the world, but the people in Molvizar it is the worst wine in the world.


Lucy tells us about 10 boy names YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY.



1. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the word in CAPITALS.

1. That man is a police....     INSPECT     2. Jack is a very bad....      LOSE      3. Einstein was a great....   THINK 
4. I've always wanted to be an.....   ACT      5. The ...... all went back to the ship.     SAIL    
6. The town is full of tourists and other....    VISIT    7. Jack the Ripper was a famous....     MURDER

2. Word combinations. First, say what the thing is and does. Secondly, try to guess the item we give the definition of.

1. a cassette-player     2. a stain-remover     3. a water-softener    4. a water-purifier    5. a cigarette-lighter   6. a voice-stress-analyser     7. a machine that washes dishes     8. a special kind of pot that cooks things under great pressure   9. a liquid that is used to thin paints    10. another kind of liquid that removes paints   11. a machine people use to dry their hair   12. a kind of medicine or liquid that some men hope  will restore their hair     13. a small gadget people use to open tins     14. a very simple kind of machine that people use when they sweep carpets     15. a powder which kills ants     16. a screw that pulls corks out of bottles    17. a small gadget that opens bottles

Solutions to USE OF ENGLISH exercises in the previous post.

1.  1d   2c  3a   4b

2. 1. I wish I hadn't said that.     2. I wish you wouldn't ask me so many questions.   3. I wish you hadn't asked that question.    4. I wish you wouldn't make that noise.      5. I wish I hadn't done that.    6. I wish you wouldn't do that.    7. I wish I had got here earlier.    8. I wish you wouldn't say things like that.    9. I wish you hadn't said that.    10. I wish you hadn't done that.    11. I wish I hadn't asked that question.

viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

Bookshop for rent

Once upon a time there was a little Scottish town, where you could have your own bookshop for a week. Have a look at the Lingohack section!!!

The first task I propose you is to look up all the vocabulary related to the topic. So here I present you with some interesting words to look up in your dictionaries:

bookshop, library, to run a business, to run out of something, sales, promotions, stacking, stock, stock exchange market, display, to book, bookworm.

Can you give me any other words?

How I made a dream come true (The Guardian)

 What dreams do you have?

And here's another video about this amazing town:   VIDEO 

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Can you give the location of these two towns?   

Example: Salobreña is a little village on the south coast of Spain.

Here's another similar town in Wales: Hay-on-Wye

"Beards are a 'thing' now."  Here's an expression you can learn about in The English We Speak (BBC Learning English)



1. Match the sentences in A with the sentences in B.

                A                                                                     B

1. I wish you had phoned me.                                  a. I'm upset because you lied to me.
2. I wish you would phone me.                                b. Don't lie to me!
3. I wish you hadn't lied to me.                                c. Please phone me.
4. I wish you wouldn't lie to me.                             d. I'm upset because you didn't phone me.

2. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with 'I WISH....'.

1. I'm sorry I said that.     2. Don't ask me so many questions.     3. I'm upset because you asked that question.    4. Don't make that noise!    5. I'm sorry I did that.   6. Please, don't do that!    7. I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier.      8. Don't say things like that!    9. I'm upset because you said that.    10. I'm upset because you did that.    11. I'm sorry I asked that question.


  • Episode 180103 / 03 January 2018    >>>  Bookshop holiday   -  Language related to 'retail'.  Need-to-know language: stacking, stock, displays, promotions & running.

miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Creating an avatar of yourself

What is an avatar? Try to define it. Then have a look at this possible definition given by Cambridge Dictionary.

Have you ever created one when playing on a computer game? Do you often change your profile picture on Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook?

Related articles you can read about the issue:


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Describe yourself physically and then write something about your personality. Then create your own avatar using this programme AVATAR MAKER or any other programme you know. If you already have an avatar, insert it in your blog or site and send it to me, too.


English with Lucy >>>> Describing physical appearance

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:


73.  1. are playing , will win    2. will get , arrives   3. has never smoked     4. must be joking   5. should have their hair cut   6. does your mother work

74.   1. My relatives and friends gave me many presents for my birthday.   2. You can find further information on the comparatives in the book.
75.    1. had not turned the radio off       2. wouldn't have     3. reaches                                

76.     1. The tourist asked the girl how much it cost a bus ticket to Motril.    2. Albert told his students that the previous weekend he had corrected their compositions and they were not too bad.   3. The host warned the guests not to go go into that room if they were afraid of ghosts.

77.    1. The man I had come to see was sitting at the desk.     2. Not many students passed English in the first term, which didn't surprise anybody.     3. Sherlock Holmes asked the witness for the chair the suspect had been sitting on. 
78.     A bicycle has got fewer wheels than a bus.     I haven't got as much money as Nadal.

79.    1. Were you interested by the idea?      2. I'm sure your things were not touched while you were out.
3. It is said that he is a policeman.  //   He is said to be a policeman.

 80.   1. I wonder what time it is.      2. I can't remember who won the championship in 1998.   3. I haven't a clue if your parents have ever been to Britain.                                              

81.   1. Could you tell me where the town hall in Salobreña is, please?    2. I have never felt strong enough to give up smoking.    3. He is said to have a girlfriend.    4. If I were you, I would study English during the holidays. 5. I love parties. So do I.

martes, 2 de enero de 2018

Whining weaker men when ill, a fake?

Are really men weaker than women regarding suffering from an illness? Or do men pretend they are so ill they can't do anything and they just stay in bed? or just become couch potatoes? The enigma is there for you to solve after doing the listening exercise and reading about the matter.

Here's a listening exercise to do: Is 'man flu' real? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Related articles for you to read   >>>>


But, in my opinion, there's nothing like a Mum!!!


Although mums are no longer what they used to be. 


My mum, the superwoman: the hours, the sacrifice, the commute, the dog-tiredness (The Guardian)


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  You can write about your mother comparing her with your father using comparatives of superiority and inferiority. You can also write about all the vocabulary you have learned about Christmas.


Lucy teaches us 10 festive phrasal verbs  >>>>


Revision for 2º Bachillerato.

73. MIXED TENSES. Fill in the gaps with appropriate tenses. Note that sometimes you have to use modal verbs.

1. Real Madrid and PSG (play) ___________________________ on St Valentine’s day, 14th February, in the Champions League. Do you know who (win) ______________________ ?
2. You (get) _____________________ into the car as soon as it (arrive) _____________ .
3. My teacher of English (never, smoke) ______________________________ in his life.
4. It can't be true. You (modal verb of probability + joke) ___________________________ .
5. Some students (modal verb of obligation/advice + cut) ___________________ their hair ________.
6. Where (your mother, work) ________________________ ? She is a teacher in a school in Granada.

74. Put the following sentences into the ACTIVE VOICE.

1. I was given many presents for my birthday.
2. Further information on the comparatives can be found in the book.
75. CONDITIONALS. Put the verbs in brackets into their appropriate tense:

1. I would have gone mad if they (not, turn off) ______________ the radio ____.
2. You (not have) _______________ so many accidents if you drove more slowly.
3. If water (reach) _____________ a temperature of 0ºC, it freezes.                                

76. Put the following sentences into REPORTED SPEECH:

1. 'How much does it cost a bus ticket to Motril?', the tourist to the girl.
2. 'Last weekend I corrected your compositions and they were not too bad', Albert to students.
3. 'Don't go into this room if you are afraid of ghosts', the host to the guests.

77. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of RELATIVE CLAUSES :

1. The man was sitting at the desk. I had come to see him.
2. Not many students passed English in the first term. This didn't surprise anybody. 
3. Sherlock Holmes asked the witness for the chair. The suspect had been sitting on the chair. 
78. LANGUAGE STUDY. Write a sentence with the following words and expressions:   FEWER   // AS MUCH AS

79. Rewrite these sentences in the PASSIVE VOICE :

1. Did the idea interest you? 
2. I'm sure nobody touched your things while you were out.
3. People say he is a policeman.   

 80. Rewrite the following sentences using the following beginnings:

1. What time is it?     I wonder ........................................................................................
2. Who won the championship in 1998?  I can't remember ..............................................................
3. Have your parents ever been to Britain?
I haven't a clue .................................................................................                                              

81. Translate the following sentences into English :

1. ¿Me podría decir dónde está el Ayuntamiento de Salobreña, por favor?
2. Nunca me he sentido lo suficientemente fuerte como para dejar de fumar. 
3. Se dice que tiene novia. 
4. Yo que tú, estudiaría inglés durante las vacaciones.
5. Me encantan las fiestas. A mí también.

viernes, 29 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas amazing story: One-armed teenager made himself a prosthetic extension arm out of LEGO blocks!!!!

Here's the amazing story of a handicapped one-armed young boy from Andorra who made himself a robot extension arm out of LEGO blocks. He is only 18 and it is incredible what he has done. Here are some related articles you can read about the issue:



Here's a video where he shows how he did it:


And here's the story of the first bionic man: The Six Million Dollar Man  


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Can you describe the protagonist using comparatives and superlatives?

Here's an example of how he fixes a boy's bike


Here's a listening exercise to do: Should schoolchildren have jobs? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


Related articles you can read about the issue:


Do you have a part-time job? How do you pay for your expenses?


Lucy tells about how long we should take to learn English  >>>>>


  • Episode 171227 / 27 December 2017    >>>  Haemophilia breakthrough   -  Language related to 'haemophilia'.  Need-to-know language: genetic defect, clot, bleeding, blood clotting proteins, Factor Eight (Factor VIII).

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post (2º ESO):

16.    1. Do you drink a glass milk for breakfast?  Yes, I do.    2. Does Jane sing well? No, she doesn't.

17.    1. Peter has got short dark hair.    2. She loves watching television.    3. I can't speak English.  
4. Is there any water in the bottle? Yes, there is.    5. There aren't many children at school.
6. Luke is older than me, but my brother is the youngest.

1. Now he is visiting his grandmother.   2. Now I am running with my friends.    3. Now they aren't eating lunch at home.      4. Is the teacher playing tennis now?          

19. I cycle to school once a week.    I always have milk for breakfast.            
20.   more interesting  //  the most interesting  ,   happier   // the happiest    ,   older  //  the oldest  ,
slimmer  //   the slimmest 
21.    1. any  ,   some     2. any  ,   some     3. any   ,   any
22.   1. more ,   than    2. most    3. dangerous  ,   longer    4. best

23.   1. I am going shopping with my mother tomorrow morning.  2. I am playing basketball with my friends tomorrow afternoon.