Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 14 de mayo de 2017

It won't wash

Sometimes we find that politicians, or anyone else, are not telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, so you use this expression. Read about what it really means.

The English we speak: It won't wash (BBC Learning English)

Articles related with the issue:

Listening exercise to do: How much food do you waste? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 


REVISION EXERCISE for 1º Bachillerato  >>>  

76. Insert the second sentences into the first ones by means of RELATIVE CLAUSES:

1. That is the boy. I borrowed his motorbike last Saturday.
2. Southampton is a busy sea port. It is on the south coast of England.
3. Jimmy Connors was once married to Chris Evert.He was a very famous American tennis player.
4. Apolo XI was the spaceship. It took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon.
5. Last year I had to read the book. You are looking at it now.

77. CONDITIONALS. Put the vers in brackets into their correct tense and fill in the gaps (...) with     these words:  IF  /  WHEN  /  PROVIDED THAT  /  UNLESS /  AS LONG AS         

1. I am going to Rome next week. ................ I (BE) __________ there, I (SEE)______________    the Colisseum.
2. .................... we (GO) ____________ now, we (MISS) ____________ the train.
3. I (HELP) ____________ ....................... I (FINISH) _____________ first.
4. .............. she (HAVE) _____________ a ticket she (GO) _________________ to the concert.
5. Albert sr.(PLAY) ________________  with you tomorrow morning ..............  Albert jr. (NOT EAT) ______________ every three hours.


miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017


Which verb does the noun 'revolution' come from and what does it mean? What other words have the same changes concerning word formation?

Here are some 'revolutions' going on:


And talking about revolutions, here's 'Industrial Revolutions' by Danny Macaskill >>>>

English with Lucy:

The Schwa /ə/ Sound - Endings British Pronunciation & Spelling Tips | -er -ar -or -our -ure -re

72. Put the following sentences into INDIRECT SPEECH:

1. "Bring me the newspaper, please", the father to the son.
2. "Who put salt in my coffee?", he asked.
3. "I'm going fishing with my mother this afternoon", said the small boy.
4. "What was she wearing when you saw her last?", the policeman asked me.
5. "I'll sit up till she comes in, but I hope she won't be late", said Mrs Pitt.

73. Give a piece of advice to each problem:

1. I find it really difficult to get up in the mornings.
2. My car is not going very well lately.

74. COMPARATIVES. Fill in the gaps with the comparatives of superiority and the     superlatives of the adjectives you are given in brackets:

1. For (far) ______________ information on the passive you should revise the grammar revision.
2. Mick Malone's (old) _______________ brother came from Ireland to visit him.
3. This is (bad) _______________ football match I've ever watched.

75. Translate the following sentences into English:

4. Ella no llegó tan tarde como de costumbre.  ________________________________________
5. Cuanto más estudio, menos problemas tengo con el inglés.
6. Los exámenes se van complicando cada vez más.

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

Surfing the death

What chance of survival does a human have when surfing these incredible waves in Nazaré (Portugal)? Have you heard of any other incredible stunts?


And here's another amazing video to watch >>>>

Biggest Waves Ever Surfed In The History


Tourism in Portugal:

Garrett McNamara on Nazaré: the surfer’s favourite town in Portugal (The Guardian)


And talking about miracles....

Listening exercise to do: Miraculous survival (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Word formation: 
'miraculous' is an adjective that comes from the noun ...................?
'survival' is a noun that comes from the verb .................?
Do you know any other words that come from 'miraculous' and 'survival'?

Learn 3 ways to sound more British with Lucy



REVISION EXERCISE  CLICK HERE for further practice in my site.

69. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

       I  want  to  tell you something ..........  Arthur. He  lives ..........  21  Gladstone Avenue,.......... Mrs Harrison  and  Mr Smithers.  He  works .......... the library ..........  Middleford High  Street. The Sunny Snack Bar is quite ......... the  library ..........  the other side .......... the road. Sometimes he  goes there .......... a cup .......... coffee.

70. TENSES. Put the verb in brackets into their appropriate form:
1. She went to the optician and (her eyes / tested) ____________________________ .
2. These shoes need (clean) ____________, because they are rather dirty.
3. I won't know the answer until I (see) ________ him.
4. She (play) ____________ volleyball for two hours.
5. When I was younger he (play) ________________ football, but now he doesn't play any more.
6. When I (get) ________ home, smoke (come)________ out of one of the upstairs windows.
7. My grandfather can remember (go) _____________ to the cinema with my grandmother.
8. Would you like (come) ___________ to a party on Saturday evening?
9. I'm looking forward (meet) ______________ you again next summer.
10. I (not take) ________________ that bus because I have a meeting in Granada at 14.00 and      I'm  afraid I (not arrive) _______________ in time if I take that one.

71. Put the following sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE:

1. They are cleaning your house at the moment.  
2. We call Lieutenant Columbus only in special occasions.
3. Someone stole all the jewels last night.   
4. Nobody will serve refreshments until the match is over.
5. People think they make these artificial flowers of silk.

lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Our VII Study trip to the British-Irish Isles: Cambridge 2018????

The group that has participated on our VI Study trip to the British-Irish Isles (Edinburgh 2017) has decided that next year they want to go to Cambridge, so we will be having our ZERO meeting on Wednesday, 10th May in the Language Department. 

A rough idea of our proposal will be given, as well as further interesting details to bear in mind so as to be as quick as possible in the organization of the experience.

Anyway, before talking about our possible study trip for next year, here's the video we have made about our VI Study trip to the British-Irish Isles. I hope you like it:



and here's also  >>> a Summary report on the answers given to the feedback form by our students and their families.



What makes Cambridge a model cycling city? (The Guardian)

And now have a look at what we did in our II Study trip to the British-Irish Isles in 2013:

  • My blog (Spanish version

  • My site   

  • Although the school we would be going to is different, here's the report that came out of the experience written by the  TEACHERS' 

  • Other interesting material to see: photos, videos (1, 2 )....

Some data about a school trip done this year (2017): flyer & school we would be going to SELECT ENGLISH

Other sites to visit:

And talking about possible announcements, here's Lucy's...



Learn 'How I learned Spanish! My journey to fluency' with Lucy


Travelling to Ibiza and Dronies

Do you like travelling and making photographs?

Here's a Selectivity exam the University of Granada proposes to do: Welcome to Las Dalias Hippy Market (you can find a link to download the exam in my site: 2º Bachillerato) and here are some articles related to the issue you can read:

And when travelling, photos are just essential. However, there is a new trend these days that you can read about in this proposed Selectivity exam (Dronies: a new trend to replace selfies  >>  again you can find a link to download a copy of the exam in my site: 2º Bachillerato  ) and in these related articles:


Discovering Veracruz in Mexico taking dronies, selfies.. Just amazing!!

miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Is Television helpful or harmful for our society?

Here are some articles to read about the issue:


Crossword on TELEVISION (BBC Learning English)

Vocabulary and Listening exercise to do: Language to use in research (English at work, BBC Learning English)


REPORTED SPEECH. Further practice:

Transform these sentences into Reported Speech using these verbs:    

                               apologize , deny , explain , invite , offer

1. 'I'm sorry I was rude', said Mike.
2. 'I didn't steal John's bike', said Melissa.
3. 'Can I buy you a drink?', Albert to the Austrian teacher.
4. 'Would you like to come to the cinema with me?', replied she after the drink.
5. 'I'm late because I missed the bus', said Joe.

Transform these sentences into Direct Speech:    

1. He invited her to go for lunch.
2. The judge declared that they were guilty.
3. Ari offered to help Michael with his work.
4. He apologized for handing in the composition two days later, but said that he had been ill in bed.
5. The shopkeeper ordered the three boys to leave his shop.


domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Pas le prince, le roi de Montecarlo est Nadal!!!

Latest news: Nadal beats Thiem for 5th Madrid Title 2017


Back to clay court, Rafa Nadal is once again here  >>>>>

And this was when he was just 16!!!!! (This is how all began: interesting documentary)

and 17 against Federer!!!

Listening exercise to do: Why do we sigh? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 


REVISION EXERCISE  CLICK HERE for further practice in my site.

Rewrite these sentences using a different structure by saying the same (sometimes the beginnings of your sentences are given):

1. My brother had the habit of playing handball when he was at school.
2. Melissa has planned to go to Malaysia next summer.
3. She has already booked her flights for the 2nd June.
4. Astronomers do not write horoscopes. Horoscopes....
5. People say Cervantes was buried in a monastery in Madrid. Cervantes...
6. I tried very hard in the exam, but I didn’t pass. I did...
7. Who normally buys the food in your family? Who does...?
8. I don’t know what you have chosen. I don’t know your...
9. Takeshi got up late, so he was very late for work. If...
10. Ricky said: “I want to buy new plants for my garden”. Ricky said that...
11. The hotel receptionist: “Shall I get you a taxi?”. The hotel receptionist...
12. The customer: “I’m sorry. I have left all my luggage up in my room”. The customer....
13. She invited me to come with her. She: “....”
14. It’s important to go to the film premiere. We...
15. It’s advisable to hire bodyguards. You...
16. It’s necessary to watch people carefully. You...
17. My parents want to hire someone to repair the roof this summer. My parents are...
18. It’s not safe to go out on your own at night. You...
19. It is not necessary to leave yet. The limousine hasn’t arrived yet. You...
20. Perhaps I’ll go to Los Angeles this summer. I.....


miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Staying alive...forty years later!!!

Forty years ago when our teacher used to go bananas at the disco!!!

Bee Gees, 'Saturday Night Fever' to get 40th anniversary Grammy salute (Los Angeles Times)

'Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees' Photos (Rolling Stone Magazine)

And here's the link to the full album:

Saturday Night Fever soundtrack full album

And now going back to our days, some interesting videos to watch:

REVISION EXERCISES included in Mock exams (1º Bach) in my site.

65. Put this dialogue into DIRECT SPEECH :

       The policeman wanted to know what time the first man had come, what he looked like and whether Arthur had noticed the number  of his  van.  The detective said that the man had done this trick before. He was well known in Middleford at that time. He said he often came to houses where there were lodgers after the landlady had gone shopping on a Saturday morning. Mrs Harrison told him that she'd only been out for about half an hour when he came. She'd just gone to the local shops to get her coat cleaned and have  her  shoes  repaired  and to do a little  bit  of  household shopping.

66. Fill the spaces with  WHAT  /  WHAT A(N)

1. ...... fantastic bargain!     2. ...... idiot you are!   3. ...... strong tea this is!   4. ...... generosity!       5. ...... speech he made!         
6. ...... attractive face he has!  7. ...... bad news!    8. ...... untidy room this is!      9. ...... scruffy clothes he wears!    10. ...... film!

67. Rewrite these sentences so that they begin with HOW. Omit the word "very" :

    1. You were very lucky to win the prize.
    2. It is very unusual to see a horse in the middle of Middleford.
    3. He was very irresponsible to drive without a driving licence.
    4. It is very disappointing to fail your driving test for the fifth time.
    5. She was very honest to say that she had made a mistake.

68. TRANSLATE these sentences into English:

    1. Compré el coche en la tienda que está en frente de la iglesia.
    2. El solía decir a la gente lo que ellos debieran hacer.
    3. Si tu madre te hubiera pedido que cantaras, ¿lo habrías hecho?
    4. Así que él les preguntó a ambas si querían que él las llevara en coche a casa.
    5. Se le preguntó cual era su empleo.
    6. Mis padres llegaron hace cuatro días.
    7. Yo que tú telefonearía a mi novia y le diría que viniera inmediatamente.
    8. Lo que tú quieres es jugar todo el tiempo.
    9. Nos gustaría hacerle unas cuantas preguntas sobre el robo del banco.
    10. Fuí a la peluquería a cortarme el pelo.
    11. El le sugirió a ella que debiera irse a casa.
    12. Por otro lado, ella apenas dijo una palabra el resto de la mañana.
    13. ¿Por qué estaba tu profesor sorprendido de verte jugar conmigo?
    14. Siento ser tan aburrida.
    15. Se les llevo a habitaciones separadas y se les hicieron muchas preguntas.

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

The moment of truth is right here!!!

Yes, the moment of truth is right here!! This third term will be really short and it is time for students to do their best, especially those in Bachillerato or those preparing for certain exams.


Now you have to be flexible and ready to work in a broader range of jobs, so you'll need a university degree, a good level of foreign languages and so many more things. Here are some articles to read about the issue before you do the listening exercise I propose you:


Listening exercise to do: Multiple careers (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 


Learn 'How I learned Spanish! My journey to fluency' with Lucy

Let's revise some Linking words of PURPOSE with this video >>>


REVISION EXERCISES included in Mock exams (1º Bach) in my site.

62. COMPARISONS. Translate the following sentences:

1. El no es tan estúpido como yo pensaba.
2. Este libro es menos pesado que el tuyo.
3. Tú no puedes ser más inteligente que yo,porque yo soy el mejor.
4. Ella es más delgada que su madre.
5. Richard Burton es más feo que Liz Taylor; ella es la mujer más guapa que yo jamás haya visto.

63. Fill the spaces with  SO  /  SUCH  /  SUCH A :

1. The evidence was ..... strong that the judge found him guilty.
2. I've been unemployed for ...... long time that I've forgotten what work is like.
3. He attends lessons ..... seldom that he hasn't learnt anything.
4. She speaks ...... quietly that it's difficult to hear what she says.
5. It was ...... bad film that I've left before the end.
6. You've made ...... many mistakes that you'll have to do the exercise again.
7. Dr Newton grows ...... large vegetables that he wins all the prizes.
8. He is ...... bore that no one listens to him.
9. It's ...... hard work.
10. You look ...... nice today!

64. Fill the spaces with  FOR  or  SINCE :

1. The police have been searching for Bruce ...... three weeks.
2. Bruce has been hiding from the police ...... the bank robbery.
3. Michael has been renting that flat ...... the beginning of the year.
4. They have been living in Applefield ...... 20 years.
5. It has been snowing ...... two days.


miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Albert didn't pull a fast one on us this time, either!

For those of you who participated in our VI Study trip to the British-Irish Isles, did you like our trip? Edinburgh? Stirling? I hope you did and I hope you weren't deceived.

Find out what the expression: 'to pull a fast one on or with somebody' means (The English We Speak, BBC Learning English)



Listening exercise to do: How does your food affect your mood? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Related articles to read:

REVISION EXERCISES included in Mock exams (1º Bach) in my site.

58. RELATIVE CLAUSES. Insert the second sentence into the first one by means of a relative clause.

1. The article is about the robbery at the bank. I wrote it yesterday.
2. I've just forgotten the title of the book. This book is based on a true story. This story happened some years ago.
3. Have you ever been to Hawaii? It belongs to the United States.
4. I was in the cinema. Your father sometimes works there.
5. The detective was watching the men. He had been speaking with them the day before.

59. Put the sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE :

1. Didn't anybody ever teach you how to behave?
2. One cannot eat an orange if nobody has peeled it.
3. They did nothing until he came.
4. Somebody will meet the visitors at the station.
5. Her beauty struck me deeply.
6. The white people took this land from the Apaches.

60. Put these sentences into REPORTED SPEECH: (Link them)

1. John told Mary: "Have you had anything to eat? What would you like? We can go to the cinema afterwards."
2. She answered him: "No, I haven't. Have you had any soup? But I don't want to go to the cinema, we can stay at home."
3. John said: "Don't be boring. There's a funny film in the cinema near your parents' house. We could go there afterwards."
4. Mary said: "Please, let's stay here. I want to talk to you about our future."
5. John said : "If that's what you want, I'll phone my parents and tell them we are not going tonight. We can go tomorrow."

61. CONDITIONALS.  Complete the following sentences:

1. If I wanted to pass this exam, ....
2. Sing me your song, if ....
3. Would you have gone to the Moon if .... ?
4. The doctor will tell you the name of your illness, ....
5. If I were Robert Redford, .....

Learn the top 5 happy expressions and idioms with Lucy  >>



domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Final day for our VI Study trip to the British-Irish Isles students

Everything went fantastic on our final day in Edinburgh. The students had a good breakfast, then they were taken with all their luggage to Mackenzie School, where they left their suitcases. Then we had some time to go again into the city centre. We came back and some students bought something to eat at Tesco supermarket, picked up our luggage. A coach took us to the airport in time. Then we checked in and waited for our flight without any serious problems. And finally we flew home, at Malaga airport the coach which took us to Salobreña was already waiting for us and we arrived in Salobreña before 11 o'clock p.m.

Well done to all the group and I hope one day all the investment made in terms of money and time will reward all our students.

Day 7 >>> Sunday, 9th April

Here we are on our final day of our experience with another super-sunny day. Despite all the difficulties,  problems, mistakes, improvable aspects... the overall outcome is positive as no serious things happened,  at least so far. We hope to spend a couple of more hours in the city centre,  not to forget anything and make a safe flight home.

Thanks to the city of Edinburgh,  its citizens (host families and staff at Mackenzie's and Scotland,  in general!  

Remember that you can have a look at all the photos taken during our stay in Edinburgh clicking on this link:

VI Study trip to the British-Irish Isles (Edinburgh 2017)

And further information on our trip  >>>  English version   &    Spanish version